Building the Powerhouse

In Hello World I briefly mentioned Powerhouse Ballet, a project to establish an amateur performing  ballet  company in the North of England /along the M62 corridor. 

On the blog that Jane Lambert maintains for Powerhouse I wrote a couple of pieces about corporate structure for the company.

Building the Powerhouse 1

Building the Powerhouse 2

rather than replay these discussions i'll just link them 

For  those readers  not yet familiar with what/ who  Powerhouse Ballet is here's the description Jane wrote initially 

"Powerhouse Ballet is the provisional name for a proposed amateur ballet company for the North of England along the lines of the Chelmsford Ballet Company in Essex and Duchy Ballet in Cornwall. I have chosen the name "Powerhouse Ballet" because I want the company to straddle the Pennines and there is already a Northern Ballet and a Northern Ballet School. If dancers don't like the provisional name I am sure we can think of another one in due course. "

Powerhouse Ballet also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account

The first Company Class of 2019 is on the 26th January


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