Powerhouse Ballet : we have a company

Today, 25th May 2019,  was Powerhouse Ballet's ' first birthday'  as  project  and it's first event  as properly constituted association
'We are Celebrating' on powerhouseballet.co.uk

Between  Helena (our Secretary) and myself (as treasurer)  we managed to sign up a good number of fully paid up members and got completed membership forms and IOUs off the majority of other attendees, we had a few people who opted to attend as guests, hopefully we'll welcome them back again and maybe  persuade them to sign up as members of the company (with a suitable rebate on their membership fee... )

What was so special about today, other than the Teacher and Accompanist being well known names (David in particular being someone that a lot of dancers in the UK will have heard if not heard of) ?

Powerhouse ballet is something that is relatively rare in the UK; an adult amateur ballet company...

In our 'prototype' form generously Seedcorn funded by an angel investor, We'd run classes, and taken up the offer of a piece being choreographed for us as seen in this post which was Performed in Manchester on 4th May at KNT's Anniversary Show.

Powerhouse ballet company class 25/05/2019


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