Adult Ballet - Attire for the none typical dancer

In 2016  Sophie Rebecca wrote a Post on her blog about adult dance attire. in which she mentions brands which offer a decent range  in larger sizes, as 'Large' in many dancewear brands is a UK 12 -14 ...  which can pose  problems for many adult ballet students not just trans women who dance.

I will stand by what Sophie says with regard to leotards, tights and shoes in that  post, my current favourite 'every day' leotard for class is the Starlite Jacinda  which I have in the pink, blue and black, I've also recently  developed a thing for 'overdresses' in both Mesh and Lace.

I am very definitely a fan of the Capezio 1916 tights that Sophie recommends in that post. 

Oh yes, fellow balletomanes, the fleece gilet and the keeping one legwarmer on to protect a twinge are features of my style ...  


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