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Names as Insults.

It is so incredibly boringly predictable when some 'wit', almost inevitably an inadequate, mediocre, white, cisgender, heterosexual man, often seemingly an Incel starts their evidence-free hate-ridden diatribe with the assumption that the name that was chosen for me when the faulty assignment of sex was made at birth  is a masculinised version of my name I.e. the name that you all know me by. 

Actually the last such fool wasn't an incel, but he does appear to have a mail-order bride... I do wonder if that is because he can't cope with being an equal partner in a relationship and hoped that his mail order wife would not object to his abusive nature in the way that women of his own ethnicity and background increasingly will not tolerate.

It's become a bit of a trope that  trans women 'just' feminise the name that  they used pre-transition,  where my experience suggests otherwise, and  from what i have seen and heard the majority of trans women often settle, fi…

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