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2022 A review

 2022 has been 'the new normal' in terms of the Pandemic related stuff, we've seen  much of  the initial  constructions and changes in ways of working rolled back  in part as we've  got a better understanding of novel corona virus  spread  and  realised that  some of the initial emphasis places on fomites etc was misplaced.  I'm glad to see that some key changes and interventions have remained , -  enhanced cleaning regimes still in place at  a lot of places,  in the work place  people have access to  to cleaning materials for  surfaces and equipment  and people's threshold / criteria for "maybe I should take  some time off with  this upper respiratory infection, rather than spreading it around the workplace/ class ". Onto other things , the new normal has meant that work continues and has got back to a more normal way of working  with training and supporting across the site being back to normal rather than 'bubbles' and the like.  From a trade

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