Pre Christmas update

  As usual the lead up to Christmas  has been busy at work even if organisational changes, global supply chain issues and the ongoing  sagas of Covid have made things disjointed. 

Despite this some semblance of normality has continued as those who have been  following along  will know , with The Ballet retreat  returning to face to face operation and  the  majority of  regular classes returning to  normal face to face operation ( but also some continuing  to offer  remote options as well - hopefully this will continue to be the normal for those who  want a  dose of their favourite  Danceworks or Pineapple teachers and have a suitable space at home )

As promised in an earlier post there's more news on the Dancewear  front  with  Bespoke ordering from  a sustainable brand now being up and running - there's more to come on that front - but those of you  who follow me on other social media channels will no doubt be aware of the brand in Question. 


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