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The Butterfly unfolds her wings

Ballet for Adults

Adult ballet -attire for the none Typical (female) Dancer

Gender Moves

Go get your armour

Dangerous Agenda

The Three Ages of Man, The Four Ages of Nicola Jayne

Building the Powerhouse

Hair Today 

Like a track day...

An uncomfortable topic (content warning discussion of genitalia)

Remember why you are doing this ...

Consent in Dance

You are such a stereotype...

An uncomfortable topic for the third time (content warning discussion of genitalia)

Ballet Feels / Mood board 

Why the Equality Act is not enough

Trans dancer vs Dancer who is trans

What's the pointe?

Giving yourself permission to mess up 

All the small things

Capitalising the I 

Capitalising the I - an explainer

Revisiting the Dangerous Agenda

Wot no posts ?

Miss Prim and Proper Bunhead 

Soft Blocks and Soft Blocks 

A Trip to London

A Dancer's confession

Accusations of Arrogance 

My Ballet Journey - Not the  actual post 

'Girl' a Film 

When you get  stuck in Depeche Mode 

Trans Pride Leeds 

my Ballet Journey

Called to the barre 

What did you do at the weekend? 

Quacking up

more post queue and powerhouse ballet 

That moment 

not that meme again... 

All Tutu Much

Ballet retreat April 2019 day 1 

Going to Class

Ballet retreat April 2019 day 2

Ballet is a Cruel Mistress...

We have a Company 

Music you shouldn't do ballet to...

Resilient Repetoire


Performance : Epilogue 

Little acts of bravery

That Time of the Year 

Small or not so small victories

Putting the hours in 

Exposure doesn't put food on the table 

Taking time for self care ... monday

How to challenge yourself... 

Taking time for  self care ... Thursday

Another putting in the hours post

All Tutu much part 2


All Tutu much part 3

Vampires and Cowboys

An Aesthetic

Politics of the barre

Confidence is a preference

All Tutu Much part 4

imposter syndrome about imposter syndrome

this page needs updatign properly  Love +hugs Nicola xx  (29/5/20)


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