Taking time for self care, adult ballerina version. Monday edition

I've had a pretty stressful week. Some of this was of my own making, some of this this of course wasn't. Things came to a bit of a head on Saturday evening and I lost the plot, and I said some pretty thoughtless things, that was that bitch Dysphoria talking, and probably said more about me than it safely can say about the other party. However  when GRA reform comes up, I am firmly of the view the current arrangements are excessive, pathologising and overly complex... predatory cisgender men don't need to change their ID to attack women, and transgender people  ( whether binary or none binary , masc or femme are not cisgender blokes ) 

Fortunately due to the way my shifts work worked out, I was able to to take a few days away. So here I am in a well-known budget hotel looking at timetables to go and take class in London , yesterday evening I took class with David Kierce at Central, as usual for David's classes the studio was pretty full, and like usual for David's classes you can't escape  the #TBRfamily.  Always great to walk into a studio and be greeted with warmth  and genuine friendship by teacher and other students alike... see you all again on Wednesday and then in Leeds for TBR on the bank holiday weekend.


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