Exposure doesn't put food on the table

I'd really hoped to be  able to perform again this year, but it's looking very unlikely that this will happen. 

The simple reason this is looking unlikely - I have a job that is not office hours, i work a  six week rotational shift pattern and I work on 7 weekend days in that  six week pattern, that said I can  , if the geography is correct rehearse in the morning before going to work and have done so for other performances

My job also has periods of the year where there are reduced opportunities or  even 'bans' on taking leave due to the nature of  our workload  around the launch of  certain products.

This  means that there are  a number of weeks in the year  where to get leave  you better have a very good  reason to do so and sadly , rehearsals don't count ...

one very unhappy lady tonight 


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