The Ballet Retreat April 2019 Day 2

 In an earlier post I talked  about The Ballet Retreat in general terms and about the structure of day one of the two day editions, this post talks about  'day two'  of the weekend ones. 
 The structure of the day is fairly similar to day one ('company class' , rep classes) except the last 60-90 minutes of the afternoon is a sharing among  those on the weekend of  the variations learnt. There's generally at least chance to perform it  two or three times  and if people have learnt both variations  there is change to perform them both.

Day 2 and day 3 of the august bank holiday 3 day  weekend  are slightly different,  with day 2  having something else , in 2017  it was a Gaga Technique  'class'  led by Amaury Lebrun, in 2018 there were three options  a pointe clas with Antionette Brooks -Daw, an Allegro Class with  TBR's very own Gav McCaig and , what was originally  planned to a Musical Theatre  class , but due to last minute  difficulties  ended up as people getting a sneak preview of the choreography of Kenny Tindall's Shape of Sound  which was part of the Northern Ballet 2018-19 season's triple bill 


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