imposter syndrome about imposter syndrome

I was going to write a piece  about  imposter syndrome and how it can eat at you , but guess what, I've got imposter syndrome about that ...

Instead we'll talk about the cruel ballet mistress that lives in my head...  She's a top class bitch  that one

it was World ballet Day on Wesday  23rd October , and  luckily  enough I was a rota'd day off  so i was about to take class  with the very fabulous Katie Cave at Lady Bay Ballet I grabbed a couple of pictures between  pointe class and  technique class  including this one 

Which I put on various social media as a #WorldballetDay post, I've had some nice feedback about.

including this from a friend who
 is a former professional dancer... 

Meanwhile the cruel ballet mistress in my head is criticising  me -Hands
- working leg thigh too low
- supporting leg not turned out  enough  ...


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