That Time of Year .

It's the end of the year for ballet companies, large and small, amateur and professional alike... 

As I said in Performance and Perfomance:epilogue, this year that year has included a performance for me with Hype Dance Company.

some of the Adult improvers/intermediate/advanced ballet students at Hype's annual show ( there  were others but they  were quick changing for other pieces in the  show)

It's also the time of year that  the big  professional companies announce their promotions, new signings and  leavers ...

Today, (24th June) saw the publication of the press release from Northern Ballet  giving that information for their 2019-2020 season... and news that the #TBRFamily were all waiting for, which of the  TBR family/faculty members were getting promoted this year ...

Good news all round;

TBR co-Founder, Producer and all round organisational Goddess  Hannah Bateman becomes a Principal Soloist  (Hannah, along with Abigail Prudames and Ashley Dixon are the first promotions into this grade)

last Summer's TBR Pointe Class teacher Antoinette Brooks-Daw becomes  Premier Dancer (taking up the slot left vacant by Pippa Moore retiring from performing duties)

New TBR favourite cheeky chappie (and casual quadruple pirouette maestro) Kevin Poeung gets promoted to First Soloist. 

and  TBR long standing Favourite, whom everyone loves a correction from, Gav McCaig gets a well deserved and arguably overdue to promotion to Coryphee.    


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