All Tutu much part 2

 In May I wrote a post called 'All tutu much', which talked in general terms about getting a tutu made... so today Tutu Tuesday  6th August, I'm hear to talk mmore tutu things

That post was actually based on conversations and a measurement session for a commission I placed with Amelia Sierevogel (her Insta) for a Tutu.

tutu design inspired by the Lilac Fairy - Amelia Sierevogel 

Because i'm not a 'normal' size and this is the first tutu i've had made, the first fitting was done using a toile rather than any components of the finished tutu - so there are no pictures as the toile is just plain cheap calico fabric now covered in pen and/or tailors chalk annotations and pins to tweak the fit.

however Amelia  has all the materials  needed  and the  net is all prepared!


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