Retconning !

A 'retroactive continuity' or Retcon is where the the continuity of an individual, story or world is changed after the fact.

Wikipedia tells us
"The first published use of the phrase "retroactive continuity" is found in theologian E. Frank Tupper's 1973 book The Theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg:"Pannenberg's conception of retroactive continuity ultimately means that history flows fundamentally from the future into the past, that the future is not basically a product of the past.""

An example of a retcon is my  experience with The Ballet Retreat. The facts,  Hannah's records  and some  photos show that  'that boy' attended  the August 2017 Ballet  Retreat, yet a number of people  who were there  will tell you Nicola  attended - totally  without prompting - admittedly  the circumstances  are such that I didn't exactly  hide what was going on at that time ... 

I actually find this really  sweet  that people  have done  this  of their own volition  and  without my asking ...   it's also a bit of validation to the whole  you are your true self all along thing.


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