Taking time for self care, Adult Ballerina Version, Thursday Edition.

I had a stressful week last week. As I said earlier in the week some of that was of my own making. My diary worked out well which meant I was able to get a few days away to not worry about the stuff that stressed me out.

I travelled down to London on Monday and began my trip as I meant to go on with Monday Night Ballet the DPK way! Those who read the blog regularly will know i'm a big fan of David's teaching and despite not getting to class with him at Central that often, there is always a warm welcome for the none London members of #TBRFamily in his classes, as there is, to be honest, in many/most of the classes at Central (fighting chance of finding #TBRfamily members in a number of the different classes there across the week).

Tuesday was a change a challenge for me , new teachers,  new classes, new venue...   the venue Danceworks - the classes  all Elementary to Intermediate or Intermediate  ( in the loaded  meaning that   the Anglosphere  has for these terms - even without pointe - see 'Capitialising the I' )

At lunchtime I took Anna Du Boisson's class and firmly  enjoyed myself , despite the surprise of someone I know  rather better as a teacher and ballet master joining  us at the barre as a student ...  Anna's class was busy,  and  it appears caters to a  regular clientele (some of whom take the class several times a week as  it runs every weekday lunchtime) as well as other students of Anna's and who ever else  turns up... The class is  described as Elementary / Intermediate and I'd agree with that. 

Despite the weather  on Tuesday I took a  nice stroll  around London before returning for Désirée Ballantyne-Grove's classes in the evening, again great classes, accurately described and worth what you pay for them.

Wednesday morning saw me return to Danceworks, to take class with Denzil Bailey, having had his classes recommended by Terence Etheridge. Denzil's class  is described as Intermediate and  while it pushed it me, at no point  was i into survival mode ( even if, thanks to #41goingon14, my pirouettes are all to ratshit) even if I was into 'stuff i'm learning' or stuff i know about but haven't  really  have mastered yet)... Denzil's class on a Wednesday is followed in  the same studio (10) by Anna Du Boisson's class (and that same teacher as student - who when I saw them later said I did well, based on  what they saw of the class). I had  a decent conversation with Denzil after class and was complimented on  my effort in class especially when I explained how long i've been taking class. 

Wednesday was  rounded off with DPK's Wednesday class  at Central before hitting the road back home  becasue of a  Nurse appointment  early doors Thursday  


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