little acts of bravery

What? you may be saying, Nicola has all ready written a couple of posts about the weekend and her social media is full of it as well.

Performing wasn't the bravest thing I did on Saturday - The bravest thing i did  on Saturday was in the afternoon when we  were warming up / having  a few runs through  at the Studio. regular readers of the blog and  viewers of my social media will be well aware of how I usually dress for class after all i've written several posts about Attire, Performativity of what you wear for class and being a 'prim and proper bunhead' ...

Saturday however  went into territory as  yet uncharted ...  not the costumes for the  piece  - one shoulder tops  worn with black tights, hotpants and our usual choice of pink soft ballet shoes ( lots of split sole canvas shoes of various brands  in evidence there) 

Backstage Selfie. 
 but what I wore in the afternoon when  we were warming up and doing  a few final run throughs  ...  shock horror Nicola gets her  tummy out ! I wore  leggings and a  crop top  rather than  my  typical attire of  leotard and  tights  for ballet  or  a unitard  or leotard with leggings over  for the contemporary stuff I've done  that wasn;t tied with ballet stuff  ( in which case it's usually shorts over ballet  kit and convertible tights converted to footless) ... 


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