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 In adult ballet attire for none typical dancers , When I updated it in June this year I said I'd put some feedback about the Leotard I'd just ordered from Dancing in the Street up ... 

Needless to say I absolutely  loved it  - so much I went and ordered another two so I've now got it in Pink, Lavender and Black... it's a really good leotard for the price and if you need a larger size even better as it's available up to Starlite's size 7, it's comfortable, it fits well and doesn't ride up, it's got a full front lining so offers some support in the boob dept. 

? what could be better about it?  it's not made from a claimed / manufacturer certified sustainable fabric, but that's about it.   

Sustainability is something we do all need to think about and in the dancewear  world Imperfect Pointes  are making an inroad into that sector of the market,  as well as looking at the diversity of Dancers - while their standard range  is  currently made in 'dancer typical ' sizes - it also includes an increasing number of XL products  (which, sadly, are still a little too small for me having tried an XL for size) but I've been chatting with Helen and Hannah about this for a while - so watch  this space and remember that  Imperfect Pointes are still, in overall, terms a start-up. 

There isn't a current external certification of sustainable fabrics -  Speaking to Helen at Imperfect pointes  the Nylon fabric Imperfect pointes use is stated by the manufacturer to be 80-90% lower carbon than virgin nylons, but it's not just the material that is an impact - interestingly  the whole  transport  carbon use thing  thing  seems to have taken a backseat across all sectors; perhaps because it's not a simple and straight  forward  calculation -  shipping  tens of thousand of tonnes of something in a ship for a long distance is less carbon intensive than flying something a few hundred/ thousand miles - although that is often a food thing - we do see fashion and consumer electronics being air freighted just to reduce the time between a distant factory and Developed world market. 

Because Imperfect Pointes actually makes their range here in the UK and has a  close relationship with  the producer not only does that reduce the carbon emissions overall  compared to  those brands who make elsewhere in the world, it also means an extra degree of responsiveness  and that short runs (especially given the elsewhere in fashion surplus stock is often dumped into the literal 'rag' trade at the end of the season) and custom makes are more easily  accommodated. 

For complete disclosure here, at the time of writing no payments  have been recieved (or offered) by any of the named commercial organisations, nor have any products been gifted. The links to  commercial organisatiosn do not  contain any affiliate / marketing  code .


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