Perfectly Imperfect

 In October in the post more dancewear related stuff, I mentioned the Imperfect Pointes Brand and their commitment to sustainability, I also  mentioned  their sizing  and that I've been  in conversation with Helen the Founder /MD (and now friend) and my friend, The Ballet Retreat Fairy Godmother and Imperfect Pointes Director of Development Hannah Bateman about this... their XL size nearly fits me but because of both my bust and my girth measurements  it's not quite enough 

those of you who have seen the Imperfect Pointes faqs on their website will have  seen the above... 

so what does this mean ? 

 it means this 


 because Imperfect Pointes has a UK based  production facility, custom orders can  be easily incorporated into the workflow, with a modest increase in lead time 
- slightly longer first time you custom order if your sizing needs to be set up  with the pattern cutters... 

Thank you  Helen  and  Team  

for clarity  and full disclosure I paid for my  Imperfect Pointes order including custom order charge and  shipping  fees and recieved only the discount  that anyone can get by signing up to their newsletter. 


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