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 I haven't made any new posts to the blog for a while because I've been rather busy In Real Life,  My employer has  changed the structure of  the business  and  those of us  working in the logistics  function have been  transferred to a different employer  under TUPE, as I am a Trades Union Representative , there's been lots of stuff to do there about the transfer and the new policies that come with it, plus of course the inevitable Union recruitment drive. 

In the post I wrote in June I talked about getting back to the studio, and that the  relaxations of restrictions were likely to be slower than originally planned. we've  felt our way through gradual relaxations  and  the confidence of teachers and  students in the 'new normal' 

PAYG classes are still a thing, but  very few are turn up and take class in the way  we'd become used to  up to February/ March 2020... 


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