Trans women and chest dysphoria

 I was chatting with a friend of mine who is also a transgender woman earlier, we were talking about some of the literature  around regret and how the whole Keira  Bell case was so shoddily defended...  and this the topic of  chest dysphoria came up... 

Typically chest dysphoria is talked about from a trans masculine point of view, rather than a trans feminine point of view... but sometimes during  early  experimentation with presentation and the like, trans feminine people in their teens or older find comfort in the sensation of having breasts even though they are only forms... This is where the  flipside of Gender Dysphoria comes in I.e. 'Gender Euphoria' comes in.

We both Independently offered up that one of the  things that  help click those last pieces of the puzzle into place that  there really was no option  was the  dysphoria of not  having  actual breast. 


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