The (disappointing) scores on the doors , Nicola's 2020 in dance

 At the end of 2019 I wrote a post, full of pride about what I had achieved in dance during that year, as well as holding down a full time mundane job which while  decent enough isn't especially well paid.

2020 Started in much the same vein, but with the worry of the what we thought to be a novel respiratory virus rearing it's head in China, back into studio as normal and kicking off the year with yet another The Ballet Retreat... and then that  inevitable conversation that I end up having with Managers most spring times  about "you know you have all this leave to use before the end of the reporting year" which lead to 
this and this and also to catching up, in person, (finally) with the fabulous human that is Chase Johnsey,ex-Trock and now Artistic Director of Ballet De Barcelona... 

March however brought increasing concern over Covid-19 and the  first lockdown,  
and for many  dancers no studio classes until  August and then very limited opportunities to take class due to limited numbers even with the numbers inclass we are used to in the Midlands and North, then the Tier rules and initial confusion over  what was acceptable in tier 3 and whether syllabus classes for over 18s  not in full time training counted as education ( despite the qualification being  RQF accredited)  kept  us out of group classes...  November's 'lockdown'  stymied that as well...  

Aside from this and the backsliding on maintaining and developing certain aspects of my dance practice still had a productive year;-

Finally got a fitting from the Lovely Human that is Leanne Bisson

Decided that 'Capitalising the I' ought to involve actually working towards my Intermediate, working with Christina of the Studio at Averham  who is a fabulous teacher... 


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