Carpe Diem ! TBR January 2020 !

A bitter-sweet weekend ...

- Two years of  the authentic me in ballet! as TBR Jan 2018 was when The butterfly unfolded her wings...

- Missing Sophie Rebecca but for the best of reasons, As Ballet Beyond Borders Beckoned her again...

- Also missing a number of my other ballet buddies from the 
#TBRFamily due to their busy lives getting in the way

-but also bringing other ballet friends into the #TBRFamily for the  first time and getting to meet others who have become friends  via social media in real life.

- when Life gives you lemons - you make lemonade ... The legend that is DPK was unwell and wasn't coming to teach... I love David's classes and teaching style...  however this gave Hannah  some wonderful opportunities

firstly to get guest teachers for 'company class'  in the wonderful
Pippa Moore on Saturday morning


Simon J Kidd  on Sunday Morning

While Pippa's teaching style is different from David's the class was  a lovely class with pertinent teaching points well made, it's probably unfair to critique  too much further due to short notice and that Pippa doesn't really know any of the Dancers, whereas David sees many of the London based TBR regulars on a weekly (or even more than once a week) basis and sees  other TBR regulars several times a year, I'd love to have the opportunity to take class with Pippa again when it's not a last minute  thing.

Simon's class on Sunday morning was fabulous, again different from David's teaching style but showing that Simon is a fabulous teacher - again another teacher i'd love to take class with again.

David's absence also meant  some shift in role for the other team TBR members present ...

Joining Team TBR for the first time  this January was Nic Gervasi as one of  the repetoire teaching team, due to Team TBR favourites Gav McCaig and Kevin Poeung being away - Nic's role stayed consistent in this...

However, David's Absence meant Hannah got to lead Rep teaching and team TBR's other favourite Italian, Casanova himself  ( as the dancer Kenny created  the role in on Northern's production) ,Giuliano Contadini, joined us for the weekend to help with rep teaching and keeping everything moving behind the scenes...

So yeah, we missed you David, but the resilence of  Team TBR  meant everyone had a great weekend of dance...

oh and the rep?

from Etudes

'ladies' rep

'mens' rep 


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