One year ago... the butterfly unfolds her wings

So one year ago this weekend was my first big test of 'real life' ... yeah i'd been out for the day or for the evening to ordinary places  presenting as me  instead of 'that boy' ... but this was different , this was 2 days with little chance of  escape as such...

Yes, some people may consider this  slightly crazy but  my  first none 'scene'  significant event  after going  full time saw me in leotard and tights for two days  at yet another of The Ballet Retreat's (TBR) fabulous intensives...

Why, dear reader you may wonder, did I do this ...  well there's  a couple of reasons

1. The support and love i had in August when I uncloseted my self at TBR.
2. The fact i knew i would not be the only 'out' trans person there.

within minutes of walking into the atrium at Northern Ballet's Leeds home  and  home of TBR I knew I was 'home', the hugs and genuinely meant compliments  from all of my #balletfamily made me a very, very happy woman. 


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