Scores on the doors - Nicola's 2019 in Dance

In 2019 I have kept a track of the hours i've spent  actively participating in Dance  activities I've taken, the final score is ...

242 hours in the studio / performing. That's just over 4.5 hours a week on average ...


1. Hype's  Summer show - one piece Ballet

2 . The Sunday before Halloween  - a Contemporary Piece  with Hype for Sheffield  Halloween  thing

yeah, there's also been in-studio sharings with Hype, KNT and The Ballet  Retreat 


This year my regular classes have been as follows

Hype Dance in Sheffield on a Monday, initially just ballet class, but since June  contemporary class as well and after the Summer a regular pointe class was added to the time table...  so  (at least) 3 weeks out of 6  that's 2.75  hours  of classes, and 2 classes on the 4th week of my rota ...  weeks 5 and 6 of my rota  if i've not been swapped / moved  shift or taking leave I'm at work.

Lady Bay Ballet 

My core rota at work allows me the following

Wednesday evening ballet class 2 weeks out of 6, and one Wednesday pointe class on my  rota'd Wednesday off.

Friday 1 pm ballet class 5 weeks out of six, and pointe class 2 of those weeks ...

This Autumn Julie Anne Clarke, who has recently moved to the Lincoln area  started running an Adult ballet class (and PBT before class) on a Tuesday... my current rota means I can only get once every 6 weeks unless my shifts are being moved about... 

what does this mean ?  it means that  i get to at least one class every week, i normally get to  6 pointe classes in 6 weeks  ...

I've taken class elsewhere as well  - KNT in Manchester,  Powerhouse Ballet Company classes  and  various classes in that there London when I've been down there. 


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