it's oh so quiet !

Yeah, The blog has been quiet, but that might be something to do with being away for 9 of the past 10 days and not having access to my 'desktop' computer (I don't like writing posts on my phone and I don't at present have a tablet or laptop ... )

I've been in London for much of that, 2 days spent doing training for a volunteering role, which I probably won't be talking about too much on here...   did  quite a few classes, upping the ante  with London Definition 'General' classes  with Nina Thilas-Mohs  and then Denzil Bailey's Intermediate class , in which  he admits to having got a bit carried away and turned it up to 11 - but I lived, survived and thrived! A trip to London isn't complete for me with at least one class with DPK- and this trip I got 4!  2 that were David's own classes and 2 where he was covering (for Anna Du Boisson) it's a shame David doesn't have a regular Intermediate / General  class of his own ( or maybe it's just imposter syndrome that doesn't see me ever being able to take classes marked as 'Professional')...


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