mixing it up - using up leave and raising my game.

In 'It's oh so quiet'  I hinted at what my February had involved, I had quite  a bit of annual leave to take before the end of April ( as our leave year  at work runs 1st may to 30th April) some training for a volunteering role i'll hopefully be  undertaking soon and a couple of friends performing in different things mean two trips to London in February, both of which I extended out to use up some of this leave (as we'd go back to leave restrictions in March due to Product launches).
I'm not one for massive reviews about classes I've taken, especially those reviews that break down the exercises etc.

but here a few quick thoughts

1. I would love it if #DPK had a regular Inter class   that said his Improvers plus on Sunday afternoon at Central does come close to Ele )

2. When Denzil Bailey gets carried away in Class he gets carried away
 but also the energy takes you with it.

3. Having the chance to take 10 or so classes in a week is as good if not better for raising your game than going on an intensive.

4. If you understand your class etiquette no one gives two hoots about who is in class,

4a. Youngsters (actual youngsters)  watch out  some of us old and heavy  dancers  can travel and  there;s a lot of momentum behind it  


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