What have I learnt in Lockdown ? (mental health edition )

 That while my past troubles with depression were probably more to do with Dysphoria than Depression, but that anxiety is a complete and utter bitch.  

I've struggled with anxiety during the lockdown period for a variety of reasons and it's not been helped by restrictions on the things that make  me happy and less anxious, I've not been able to see Louise for a long while and certainly not  pend the  kind of time we had spent together pre-lockdown.  

As I wrote in 'Ballet in Lockdown' ballet has been challenging during lockdown with the studios closed and the limitations of trying to take class over Zoom and the  like but mainly the absence of the space to jump . turn and  do grand allegro ...  
The dance studio has over the past three and a bit years become somewhere that is definitely my 'happy place'... 

I found a useful distraction in the study for my Foundation Amateur Radio Licence  and since passing and getting my licence  in  actually  doing stuff  with radio  (  I've spoken to 40+ 
different people in my first month licenced - just on 2m and 70cm  frequency bands). 


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