In the alternative time line It'd be time for 2020's version of this post, but  obviously, despite the great start to 2020 for me dance wise the Obvious Circumstances have intervened and the number of actual classes in a studio I've taken since March has  fallen very short...

Although I did  finally  after the first  lockdown get to meet the fabulous  Leanne from @straighttothepointeballet for a  pointe shoe fitting...  I've not shared too much from that  because  Leanne still has a  huge backlog of images and videos from her customers  to get through and put on her social media channels.

But this isn't really about the anniversaries of the title of this post. 

I've been taking  ballet  class for 4 years now, much to the shock of  some of the teachers i've encountered, however i suspect  that may be because they are used to the rate of progression in London with it's (pre-covid)big classes. 

It's also 2 years  since  the big bad boogeyman ( according to an increasingly histrionic media) of 'Blockers' entered my life at the  recommendation of My  Consultant Endocrinoloigst   , due to my  bodies reaction to the introduction feminising doses of Estrogen a few months before ...


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