Anniversaries Part 2 - the impact of S28

 In anniversaries part 1 I mentioned  S.28 and how it  stilted and hampered the discussion of  LGBTQIA+ topics in the UK. 

In 1988 when S.28 was passed I would have been not quite 11 years old and in what we now call Year 5, so  yep  heteronormative sex education   and teachers  unwilling or unable to intervene to stop to homophobic and transphobic bullying for fear of being accused of promoting homosexuality... 

Revisiting some of my very first posts on the blog it's clear that at that age not only  did I not fully understand what I felt, I also had no frame of reference or role models. 

Removing the frame of reference is what some of the trans antagonistic  types are  attempting to impose  again 

Role models is a different matter, one thing the so-called 'transgender tipping point'  did bring about is visibility whether that is just the visibility of openly trans people in all kinds of settings or the actual 'being a role model' that adult trans people can be  for younger trans people now there is not the pressure to hide away or blend in once you have transitioned. 


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