want a ballet body ?

That's simple ...

- Have a body ( preferably your own ) 

- Take class  

 Ergo you have a ballet body  

No doubt as  is typical for the time of year the  snake oil sales persons will be trying to sell   whatever form of exercise as magic way  to 'improve' your body 

Has ballet changed my body ?  has it 'improved' it ?  probably   but  that is down to hard work and time   spent ...  as would be the case with any  form of physical activity

There's plenty so say that the  almost fetishised views of the ' the ballet body'  especially  of the mid to late C20th  are unhealthy  and it's time to  challenge the  cis- het normative male gaze  that dominated  that time.   Kathryn Morgan  has had a lot of really good stuff to say about  body image  and mental health in dance  on her you tube channel and elsewhere 


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