Elective Surgery

  Time and time again the issue of Gender Confirming Surgeries being Elective procedures  raises it's ugly head, there seems to be some kind of confusion as to what  elective Surgery actually means ... 

NCEPOD  has  4 classifications  for types of surgery 

IMMEDIATE – Immediate life, limb or organ-saving intervention – resuscitation simultaneous with intervention. Normally within minutes of decision to operate.


Other e.g. limb or organ saving

URGENT – Intervention for acute onset or clinical deterioration of potentially life-threatening conditions, for those conditions that may threaten the survival of limb or organ, for fixation of many fractures and for relief of pain or other distressing symptoms. Normally within hours of decision to operate.

EXPEDITED – Patient requiring early treatment where the condition is not an immediate threat to life, limb or organ survival. Normally within days of decision to operate.

ELECTIVE – Intervention planned or booked in advance of routine admission to hospital. Timing to suit patient, hospital and staff.

From this you can  see that GCS  is only  ever going to  an Elective procedure - there's a a tiny argument that an 'Urgent'  intervention to  salvage tissue  might be required  if someone attempts a bit of the old Self Surgery... 

Elective surgery DOES NOT mean 'Unnecessary'

Elective surgery DOES NOT mean 'Cosmetic'

Elective Surgery does not  mean 'Optional'

all those who spend their time whining that   their  elective surgery is classed as ellective are doing is demonstrating that they are  as equallity  wilfully ignorant as those who oppose the treatment of  Gender Incongruence as a  medicla condition 


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