dignity and frustration

This one is a bit of a rant and a bit of a 'sub tweet'... 

There is a professional  dancer who is an openly  out transgender woman, we appear to have fallen out  according to her, I am unsure  exactly what over, but she  now actively seeks my presence out to block and snub me, even when I'm promoting her work  with no expectations  of anything in response  (and certainly not time, money or contacts) 

in a small enough population as it is  this saddens me , I'm not asking her to be my best mate  and  to be frank we are unlikely to be competing for the same work  as - regardless of my progress  I'm not a vocationally trained dancer with numerous years of professional expertise.... 

so why is the post called dignity and frustration?

because  we each deserve our  own dignity and  because it's frustrating when  people who you should / could  be  at least neutral with pull down the shutters and  turn off the lights


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