Telling a Story

 A Simple Question 

Would you allow dogma to let a story go untold because you could not find a cast or crew who meet all of your requirements with  regard to Protected Characteristics and are prepared to potentially  sacrifice the ability to ever work in the arts industry again  (even if the  piece you make  barely breaks even ) to  meet  your desire for some kind of wonderfully ideologically pure  production? 

We've seen  some clear  breaches of sense and integrity -such as the Casting  decisions in the Film 'Music' that Sia made 

We've seen well thought out decisions to case specifically such as the decisions  made by Russell T Davies for It's a Sin...

We've seen decisions made to compromise the 'purity' such as the casting of Lara in Girl, oddly enough many of those who attack over the casting in Girl, did so before it was clear just how involved  Nora Monsecour was, and rather than listening to a trans women professional dancer they doubled down in their attacks , and  decide they had the right not only to speak over Nora , but the right to speak over  any and every  trans women who dances. 

This was in wilfull ignorance of Nora's own experience and the experience of Chase Johnsey with ENB  despite the whole hearted support of the company and the apparent support   at that time of it's Artistic Director Tamara Rojo *, and  the experience of people like Jayna Ledford...  One has to ask - If you  were a 15/16 year old trans girl  in a vocational  ballet school would you out yourself ?   vs staying stealth / semi stealth  and hoping  to be able to work in your GCS at the first  practicable opportunity along with  graduating  from Upper school and getting a contract ? 

edited to add: It has become apparent across 2021  that  Tamara Rojo  actively  supports trans exclusionary  groups, including those who have been adjudicated in a Court of the law to the 'Absurd' and 'Wrong in Law ' or  who have recieved Cease and desist notices  from the EHRC  with regard to cllaiming that 'guidance' they offer is in compliance wit hthe EHRC  guidelines 


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