Ballet for Adults

So I take ballet class, I have been taking class for a little over 2 years, so for the first year or so i was presenting male for my classes ...

Ballet has been an itch I've wanted to scratch for many years... also apparently one of the missed clues all along. 

For anyone reading who  wants a tale of woe and crushed schoolgirl /boy  dreams sadly for your voyueristic desires there is not one.

Talking about this to a friend, Louise, who was Vocationally Trained in Ballet and Contemporary dance, some 2 1/2- 3  years ago inspired me to be be brave and find out about classes.

A Dance school close to home had an adult  beginner ballet class on a Monday teatime, unfortunately  they don't have the teaching hours available to continue offering the range of adult classes they did, but  for a year 'that boy' took class  most Mondays  and came on leaps and bounds, thank you Hayley. I also had 'that conversation' with Hayley about transition and to her credit , she  her business partner, my class mates and the students of the classes either side of mine  took it all in their stride... 'that boy' finishing classes  before Christmas and Nicola coming back in January...

I was also looking for another class to take as I realised that the way to get better was to do more classes, I'd also been advised  to find a second  class by David Kierce at The Ballet Retreat. Fortunately i found, not too far away from home and work Lady Bay Ballet which became my  regular 'second' class  and I suppose is now my regular 'first' class...  Katie is a fabulous teacher with a  great understanding of how to make things stick it's also where I started taking pointe class, although we shall see if that has to go on hold  due to the effects of my current  Medication regime. I also take class regularly at Hype Dance Co where Alejandra  gives a  really  great class with  lots of  corrections and a real emphasis on technique...

I'm  a happy repeat Customer of The Ballet Retreat  and when i find myself in that there London i'll often be found in one of David Kierce or Hannah Frost's  classes at Central Nights. Also I ought to mention KNT Danceworks in Manchester ... where the  fabulous Karen Sant introduced  me to PBT as well as organising a fabulous day of dance. 



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