Gender and Sex

I was going to write a whole big post on this, but then I realised that the  fabulous  Faith Naff had done a post on her blog  about a month ago which covers the issues, although obviously from a the point of  view legislatively and regulatory wise of the USA, that  being  where Faith resides.

Faith uses  the term TERF in her post, for those unfamiliar with this term  it refers to  Trans Exclusionary ' Radical Feminism' , a  faction of the increasingly  irrelevant  2nd  wave of  feminism, although their views are often deeply unfeminist and increasingly closely aligned with those of the far and religious right wing and  Trumpian conservatism in the US and the  the UKIPy  type pretending to be respectable far right in the UK

Legislatively, despite the wailing and gnashing over Gender Recognition Act reform, the far more  relevant  legislation  for day to day life as a trans person in the UK  is the Equality Act 2010 there is clear Government and EHRC guidance on how  the equality act works, despite the  illogical and 'free-wibbler on the land' reading  some of the  trans exclusionists promote 


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