Gender Moves

A conversation with another trans dancer I know through ballet  brought Yorkshire Dance's  Gender Moves project to my attention.

I missed out on the first  taster session  in April, but  joined the project in May meeting a  whole gaggle of  people  from the LGBTQ+ community  across the Yorkshire / Humberside / Lincolnshire with a range of  experience in dance - I wasn't the only person involved who came from a primarily ballet background... 

the project developed over the course of various sessions in two main groupings of  time, the first group of sessions in May and June 2018 being primarily about  exploring the viability of the project and did have the numbers of dancers and  the appetite to create a piece, the September and October sessions being  creating  a piece.

And the answer to that was yes we did - so the 'curtain raiser' for the Performing Gender Sharing was ours.

Those of us participating in the piece created it with the advice, support and guidance of two really great professional Dance Artists - Fernanda Prata and Phil Sanger , which was well received as the curtain raiser to the Performing Gender  Sharing.

When there is some media from the sharing that can be shared  i'll update this post to point to it. 


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