Hello World

One year AFTER social transition seems like an odd time for a trans person to  start a blog...  however it's a case that now the dust has settled a bit; I'm ready to  start putting  some of my thoughts out in the world.

I'm Nicola Jayne, 

I'm forty-one years old and i am a transgender woman, I've  been 'fully socially transitioned' for  just about one whole year. I have a diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria and  have started to medically transition, I was fortunate enough to be able to afford to See Dr Stuart Lorimer and Dr Leighton Seal of Gendercare privately and fortunate that my GP  will co-operate with their recommendations ...  I've just this last week had my  first  Assessment with the NHS GIC in Sheffield Sheffield GIC (who currently have the least long waiting times in England - approximately 60 weeks to first assessment)

This blog is in part to talk about my journey to this point and my current and future journey in transition ...

I work for a tech retailer in the UK - but that is all you really need to know about my job , the blog is not going to be filled with hype about the amazing technology that my  employer will help you enjoy.  I used to work as a Registered Nurse, again  that's probably useful for you to know as it might explain some of the clinical stuff i talk about with regard to my own transition and in general terms about the care (or otherwise) trans people can access, but the rest is history. 

I might talk about work a bit, but probably only in terms of bring a trans person in the work place or things that come up in my duties as a union rep.

That explains the Pills and Pandemonium, so what's the 'Pointes' all about ?

I take ballet class, ideally twice a week, if not more often and I have done for just over 2 years now .

I'm also involved in the process of establishing an amateur ballet company for the  'M62 Corridor' Powerhouse Ballet - along with Jane Lambert  of Terpsichore among others...

I'll be talking about ballet a fair bit in the blog, both in terms of  the general adult recreational ballet  world and some of the challenges faced by those who don't fit the stereotypical image of the ballerina. 


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