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My posts  What leads to transition part 1 and What leads to transition part 2 I talk a little bit about Gender Dysphoria...

Part two left us in Summer 2017 and my decision to transition... I'd been realising increasingly that many of the things that made me uncomfortable, distressed and  unsettled with who i am were down to  maintaining  this  act - being 'that boy'. So i started doing some reading, because despite my  professional background I didn't really know a great deal on the topic and over the past couple of years  I'd  read a bit  but  not  really  thought too much about it .

My reading began with the NHS website Gender Dysphoria, parts of that page are in serious need of review, their  description of the diagnostic process is very much the pre-2013 guidelines one...

So I did some research and found out the least worst waiting times for the NHS  GICs in England  (there are 7 adult services- you can be referred to any of them) fortunately one of them was  the near as damn it joint closest ...

Down to business ?

If you  think you are trans and you want to get some expert help on the NHS  ...  first step is to speak to your GP  and  be  quite clear  in what you are expecting from them

a) I'm trans or I think i'm trans
b) I want a referral to a GIC (17 or over)  GIDS  (under 17)
c) If you are seeking a referral to a GIC  tell them which one
d)  this is the referral information of the service I want you to refer me to

Charing Cross (London) GIC
Sheffield GIC
Newcastle upon Tyne GIC

Nottingham Centre-for-Transgender-Health
Daventry GIC
Leeds GIC

The Laurels ( West of England GIC - Devon)

At the time of writing the adult service with the least worst waiting lists Sheffield at around 60 weeks, CX, Nottingham, Leeds, Newcastle  all quoting not  quite 2 years  wait... Daventry's wait is  approaching  3 years and the Laurels  has a split waiting list with many  people  reporting  waiting up to 4 years to fully complete  the assessments and get a plan of  care

For Adult service eligible patients there are a number of  UK based  private providers  of  various  levels of repute. to save  arguments and poop flinging  trolls  i'm only going to  directly  refer to one , the one I  have  personal experience of  these private providers offer those who have the money (or credit limit) the possibility of getting a diagnosis and if they are reasonable physical health the possibility of  starting  medical transition  before the NHS  is  able to see  you.  I contacted Gender care about the same time as my NHS referral was sent  September/October 2017, I saw Dr Stuart Lorimer in March 2018  and  got a  working diagnosis and  initial hormone prescription in few weeks after that, I saw his endocrinologist colleague Dr Leighton Seal in June to move onto a full hormonal regime, I've have, at the time of writing  one follow up appointment  with each of them and depending on exactly when the NHS  assessments are completed I may not need another appointment with  either or both of them (come back and ask me in the summer )... 

Questions about how Gendercare operate are best answered in their FAQ


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