Medical Transition - The Mechanics of it all - Assessments - part 1 -Diagnosis (private sector)

Those of you  who have read  some of my others posts  such as Hello World and Medical Transition - The Mechanics of it all - Services  will be aware that I've had, to date, three assessments  against the clinical criteria for  diagnosing Gender Dysphoria, Two in the private sector and the first of two in the NHS.

My first assessment was in March of 2018, yes that date is correct and it is some 8 or so weeks after I socially transitioned.  This assessment  was  a private Sector one, with Stuart Lorimer, Stuart is a medical doctor and a psychiatrist by higher  specialist training ...  his
 substantive role is as a Consultant and  Senior Gender medicine Specialist  at the Charing Cross GIC. 

The assessment took a little over an hour to complete  and  consisted of a fairly comprehensive chat  about  my identity, how I came to realise I was trans,  my  early memories of  dysphoria  and  general health, psychological and psycho-social  history ...  This assessment is purely a talking based one, there's  no physical examination.

Yes there are some hard questions  these are not to catch you out  or to prove you are or aren't trans  but more to  see  what your  thought processes are, and had you  thought  about all the possibilities ... rather hard to try and catch someone out  about  gender none conforming decisions  when they spent  15 years in a 80 +% female profession and take ballet class ...

I don't know whether i'm easier or harder to assess due to my background and  education as a health professional myself,  one comment  during the assessment , after I'd  given a comprehensive  answer and explanation to a question was ' well  that's messed up my  next couple of  questions i'd normally ask ' .

I came out of that assessment  with a provisional diagnosis and a provisional agreement for 'official bridging' hormones assuming  that  Dr Seal was happy with my baseline bloods etc ...  the written report  and a prescription followed a few weeks later ...

Which then  takes  us to June 2018  and the next assessment.


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