Medical Transition - The Mechanics of it all - Assessments - part 3 - follow ups (private sector)

following my  assessment with Dr Stuart Lorimer in March and then with Dr Leighton Seal in June, i had follow up appointments with  them both,  with Dr Lorimer in October and with Dr Seal at the end of December ...

If you've ever had a follow up appointment with a consultant   you#ll know the format  of such  things, a brief  recap of what's happened since you  last appointment, a few more pertinent  questions about how you are getting on  and in the  case of Dr Seal, repeating  blood pressure and weight  - I lost a smidge over 10 kg in 6 months, a bit of  self discipline plus of course plenty of ballet classes  helped there...

In my follow up appointment with Dr Lorimer we talked a bit about 'lower' surgery options  and what  my thoughts and intentions were...  in terms of a purely looking at the  requirements in the  WPATH Standards of Care  I've pretty much got those covered off or will have by the late spring - 

  • Having mental capacity and being over the age of majority 
  • Having persistent  Gender Dysphoria 
  • The  one year 'real life experience' of being socially transitioned, 
  • The one  year of hormonal treatment  etc ,

 But not being someone with a significant income or a  sugar daddy / mummy  private GRS is not  going to be an option for me  barring a lotto win or some such ...  i'll be stuck waiting for the NHS to catch up ...

Speaking of which leads us to the next post in the series  


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