'Remember why you are doing this, you only have to prove it to yourself '

The title of this post might lead you to think it's going to be about transition and 'selfishness' angle that some people put on it or maybe to criticise the concept of 'passing' ... 

But it's not...  it's about ballet class :-

Today (26th Jan 2019) was the first 'company class' of 2019 for Powerhouse Ballet, taught by Fiona Noonan at Dance Studio Leeds.

Class was class and a good class is a good class, Fiona pitched the class just  right and made us work from the beginning by taking some of the number out of the comfort zone by doing 'centre barre'... however this is not a review of  the class other than to say it was enjoyable and useful.

Jane Lambert writes a little more about the class on Powerhouse Ballet's site

After class I thanked  Fiona  again for the class,  (those  who are used to  ballet class will know that  the students and teacher will have thanked each other for their participation in the class  with a reverence) and sought a bit of  feedback on how I had done, as today was the first class i'd taken with her although she had seen me dance in the class / audition for Aria that Terence Etheridge had conducted last year...

I got some useful feedback and also the gem of advice 'Remember why you are doing this, you only have to prove it to yourself ' to not beat myself up for  anything I struggle with due to the changes my body is going through  as part of  my  transition 


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