All The Small Things

No, not the Blink-182 song.

But instead all those little validations we receive through life, my own struggles with my gender identity and mental health have  perhaps made me  think , focus and reflect on this...

whether it's the yummy  mummy in the supermarket saying to little Freddie   "Freddie, don't stand there you are blocking that lady's way "  when you are having a  crappy day and feel despite your outfit, hair and makeup so dysphoric  and meh ...

or the  friend you haven't  seen for absolutely ages

" you look fabulous and so happy, transition was obviously what you needed "... or even "  wow you  look so different and good , i didn't realise it was you until you spoke "

but it's in other things  as well

When you have important visitors in  your workplace and senior managers drop it on you  ' Nicola  can you  look after these important visitors and show them some of the challenges of the current  process'  and they have the confidence that you'll  be able to do that  and not  drop them , yourself or the team in it. 

Or in ballet class ,when the teacher says  " Nicola can you come to the front of the barre you are on "   -   that  might not seem  significant  to the lay person , but it is - it's because the teacher is saying  " I have the confidence that you  will do this exercise  correctly and to a decent standard  so i want others to be able to see you and use you as a cue if they are unfamiliar with the exercise". 


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