An uncomfortable topic for the third time . (content warning: discussion of genitalia)

Meet my new friend... Hypafix - Hypafix is made by BSN Medical and they market it as 

"Wide-area dressing fixation

Hypafix is a  skin-friendly, non-woven tape used for wide area dressing fixation. The tape transversely stretches, is highly conformable and easy to apply, even on difficult joint areas. It is easily cut to shape to suit patients treatment requirements. "

Those who have read the previous 'An Uncomfortable Topic...' posts  here and here might guess what this is being used for...  This is what dysphoria means...  this  is the 'smoke and mirrors'  I have to do to be able to look at my  body in the mirror ...

So am i doing this for fun ?
If as the  exclusionary  voices proclaim trans women  are  predators intent on attempting  to  defile the  innocent , why do I take medication that has  stopped  my  gonads from functioning  and  why   do i  feel i  have no alternative other than  to tape  the collection of tissues  at my  crotch  to stop  the sight and feel  of it from dragging into  a dysphoric pit?

I've tagged  Ballet in this post as well ... why you may wonder ...
I'll let let Lara explain


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