If you hang around in trans spaces  you  will often  hear of  the concept of 'ascension' ... This is where  a trans person is perceived to have stopped associating with other trans people and in some cases, especially in the past once  someone had reached a certain point in their transition, sometimes GCS / referral for GCS, sometimes even before  they disengaged from the trans community and  attempted to go stealth. 

This topic can get  somewhat confused when the more, ahem, 'fetishy' end of the 'trans umbrella' is at play... This again is a topic where I run the risk of  implying  there is a hierarchy of transness or start a battle by saying there is a line in the sand  where  it crosses from being trans to be being a fetish/kink whatever...

 the upshot is  there are two things  here

1. As people's identities evolve as might their interests and desires, this can be even more marked when someone embarks on medical transition and the effect of medications  come into play and their  brain stabilises running on the right mix.

2. As  you normalise your identity you no longer feel the need to find a safe space to express yourself.


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