'Capitalising the I' - an explainer for none dancers

Capitalising the I was written with a dance(r) audience in mind, this post is written for the ballet naive.

The post is probably actually more about my insecurities of leaving the 'nursery slopes', albeit nursery slopes that have included 5 Ballet Retreats and a contemporary dance project culminating in a performance (Gender Moves) ...

Basically  the act of 'capitalising the I' is actually probably more symbolic than a definitive  action. My current ballet diary includes pointe class, as said in All the small things I do get 'picked on' to  go the head of the barre or to have a teaching point made using my  weaker  areas (thanks David for making me do 8 pose turns in front of everyone at  December TBR) which does pay off...

it also seems to be quite a significant assertion of competence which is what makes it scary / significant 


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