What is in a name ?

On Twitter recently there was a hashtag #TransNameStory on how trans people  came to have their name they use  currently ... 

My #TransNameStory is both simple and a missed sign ...  from a very early age I had asked (and been told and therefore known) what my 'girl name'  is had I been AFAB.

It is my name, and the only affectation I have with it  is the Y in the middle of Jayne, which for those reading who know my dead name is a nod to it's variant spelling.

I know other trans  people  who had tried  several different names or  swapped the order of first and middle names etc , but  equally I know plenty of cisgender people who do the same (never mind Professional Names or  Equity names) , this is not unique to being trans nor is it a sign of any pathology. 


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