wot no posts ?

Dear reader this weekends absence of posts can be blamed on one thing and one  thing alone ...   Ballet.

Powerhouse Ballet's Company class in Manchester at the Dancehouse (also home to Northern Ballet School and KNT Danceworks)

A significant birthday celebration  for a ballet buddy of mine,

And then today (Sunday 24th)  the  opportunity to (re)create a piece with Yvonne Charlton to add to Powerhouse Ballet's repetoire, We only managed to look at 'Morning', however we have have now got over a dozen dancers who have danced the piece in it's entireity  a number of times and Yvonne has left Fiona Noonan who is Rehearsal Director for this piece with extensive notes and Fiona  has plenty of  video and other reference material from today's intense  4+ hours in the studio - to have learnt the piece in 3 or so hours (as every good dancer's day begins with company class) is a real testament to  the passion and commitment of 'recreational' dancers across the the North). 


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