Would they be interested in me if I wasn't ...

 Maybe it's just Dysphoria, or a bit of imposter syndrome ... but a couple of times in the last  few months I've  felt this after interactions with industry professionals in Dance, basically "would they be interested in me and my story  if I were a cisgender person?" , how many 40ish year old cisgender adult beginners are there ? loads  i suppose you  could rationalise  by how many  would  put in the hours in the studio i now do, how many put themselves forward for performance opportunities like I did with Gender Moves / Performing Gender

Because to be honest my dance story isn't all that special without the trans aspect to my  backstory 

Anyway I've been told the answer to this recently   and need to remember this every day  Dance Like Nobody's Watching ... 'Remember why  you are doing this...'


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