a trip to London

No posts on the 1st or 2nd of March due to my being away from home, and then the rest of this week has been busy due to work...

Where was I on the 1st and 2nd of March ?  -London

What was I doing? - officially down there for  A Stonewall organised 'trans empowerment workshop' on Saturday... but also a chance to take class  at Central on Friday evening . I was a brave girl and opted for what is normally Michael Branwell's class - described thusly, having had the class recommended by Leanne...

Michael Branwell - Ballet (Elementary/Intermediate) and Beginner Pointe

This class is for dancers of elementary and intermediate levels (not absolute beginners). The class commences with a 45 minute barre for everyone. Dancers who have pointe shoes are urged to wear them for this. This is followed by a ballet class with an emphasis on enjoyment and expressive dancing, following basics principles of Maestro Enrico Cecchetti. Exercises will be differentiated to ensure that dancers of varying levels can participate. "

As is typical for Central, it's rare to be able to take an open to us mere mortals class there without bumping into at least one if not more of the #TBRFamily 
even if there isn't one of David's classes that day.This time it was Amy in the  the class I was taking.

Sadly Michael wasn't teaching this class, but the cover teacher (Heather) was a fab  teacher and a good  class pitched at the level described was had, with modifications for the refugees of another cancelled class.

So, the actual purpose of the trip to London?

the Stonewall Trans Empowerment Programme (see the link above), This was the 3rd and final pilot  of this  project, which  has continued funding so will be appearing again in the near future...

The Trans Empowerment Programme is designed as a trans only space to talk about  developing effective strategies to support inclusion  in our workplaces, hobbies and sports and communities in general and also to share experience and build networks...


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