The job stuff I didn't speak about earlier was applying for a job  doing something new it was a big swerve in what i would have been doing from my current role , but  those who know me of old, and know of my involvement in the NHS and the Third Sector might not have found it all that massive a jump ...

Same as I don't name my current employer I won't be naming that employer here... but some people might say it's a Riot to work there ...

so why is this post called Gratitude ?

I'm grateful I was considered suitable to be interviewed, that's a big thing for me  after the  knocks I've had over the past 7 or 8 years.

I'm grateful  to have been able to take up the offer of an Interview.

and I'm grateful to be me , living my  best life and not   dead whether  literally or Metaphorically. 


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