my ballet journey - not the actual post

I thought i'd write a post about my ballet journey  so far. As there is a fair bit to cover

- being an adult beginner
- coming out to teachers and fellow classmates
- actually  presenting authentically in class
- becoming  an 'Improver'
- getting the nod to do pointe class
- having the courage to  semi randomly go and take class elsewhere
- deciding that ' Capitalising the I' is a real aim  (and the explainer post)

and this is aside from all the politics of pointe stuff  and  gender in ballet stuff  that isn't solely  about my journey ...

This isn't  that post ...

That post is turning into a bit of an epic, far longer  than most of  my posts on here  but  i'm struggling where to break it up  to make it bite sized ...

Add in writing a talk to be presented in the near future (on pause  until i've had chance to see 'Girl' next week ) and some job related stuff... (that's still under wraps ).


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